Whether you're doing a video blog or a headline Vegas marquee, an indie band show at the local pub or a motorcycle race in the middle of the desert, we have a turnkey streaming kit configured to fill your needs without breaking your budget. Or we can assemble a system to your custom specifications.

All our streaming kits are based around New Tek's industry standard TriCaster systems. Famous across the world as a versatile, powerful, full-featured production engine, the TriCaster system really is a "studio in a box"!

Kit 3 - The Works

This kit is configured for high end production... Sporting events, festivals, concerts, trade shows, etc.

Built around the Tricaster 855, live production technology has taken a quantum leap. With the 24 channel, multi-camera TriCaster 855, you can have up to 8 cameras, plus 5 digital media players for video clips, graphics and titles, and 2 network channels for sharing video and audio from any Windows PC, Mac or wireless iOS device. 8 M/E-style virtual inputs let you stage live virtual sets, and create custom picture effects and presets, when you need to give your big show even bigger impact.


 TC855ExtremeSony EX1 (4)

Sennheiser G2 Wireless Lav Mic (4)    (4)

500' cable  Telex wireless comm system (4)


Kit 2 - Indie Band

Ideal for Indie Bands! We mic the audio independently and mix for broadcast... No distortion or peaking issues from tapping the house board! Remember, all of our kits include skilled engineers, master control operators, and camera operators!


  TC40  Canon XHA1 (3) Tripods (3)

  8 Ch Audio Mixer  Mics (4) Stands (4)


 XLR Snake

Kit 1 - Low Budget

A perfect kit for low budget video blogs, interviews, seminars and such! Turn on the virtual sets and broadcast your internet news channel from the comfort of your home office!


 TC40  Canon XHA1

  10' x 12' Green Screen Manfrotto Fluid Tripod

 Corded Stick & Lav Mics (1 ea.)




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